Climate Change is a Religion

Huge numbers of Americans say that “climate change” is not science at all, but a religion. According to Rasmussen Reports, 60% of respondents, all Likely U.S. voters, agree with the statement, “Climate change has become a religion that ‘actually has nothing to do with the climate’ and is really about power and control.” – Source.

This is another confirmation that what we have been echoing in the past till now, is valid for it is the prophesied truth. A lot of Americans now see that the Climate change, like Covid-19, is a power grab. Climate change is also being used by climate evangelist as a cover up. It also expose a contradicting statements from the so-called climate leaders. It is all a lie! It is really about power and to control the behavior of every single citizen on the planet for it is connected with religion — it is connected to worshiping the Beast and its image! See for yourself the enormous evidence here that Climate change will lead to the MARK of the Beast. Surely, Religious laws are coming!

Are you ready? Are you sure?!

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