Which Jesus do YOU Await? (false revivals exposed)

Credit: Blog from Presents of God ministry

In today’s world, and especially if you’re one to study prophecy, it has become quite obvious there is “another Jesus” being preached today by all churches and especially by Rome who fostered the idea first.

Take the “Jesus” being proclaimed at the recent so-called revivals of the “He gets us Agenda”, “Jesus Revolution”, or the “Asbury Revival”, who by the way just had a marketing failure of a false revival April 29, 2023 wherein they were unable to fill the stadium with Christians from around the nation. But it appears when they saw the numbers failing to fill the seats, they opted to promote a Hollywood rapper who appeared at the stadium along with blaring music from Taylor Swift who again, is not someone you would expect to be singing at a Christian revival. They did this because the true and most powerful Jesus of the Bible would NOT send His obedient flock to that stadium to expect a “revival” as they call it. You will soon discover that “revival” was in fact an ongoing attempt to indoctrinate those attending. Therefore, as expected, they opted to appeal to the flock already seeking “another Jesus.”

How do I know this happened?

Some of the brothers in the SDR movement personally went to this revival to pass out well over 6000 tracts to those entering the stadium. They would have passed out thousands more, but we only had a few brothers going forth at this time. And by the way, they were literally inundated with up to 10-20 people receiving a tract at the same time for hours on end. The amazing thing is, and as was declared at our  last testimony service, the Lord moved the police and one of the stadium officials to protect them! Prayer was answered and our God’s hand WAS very apparent that day! And no, they obeyed the Lord and did not go in the stadium where the worldliness was being proclaimed and embraced.

When I heard the news about this so-called revival promoting rappers and Swift, I wondered if they would put a positive spin on their failed event by claiming a record number of Christians filled those seats anyway so as to save face at failing to lure Christians into their false revival. Well, check this article I found a few days ago…  This Is Revival’: Nick Hall Reveals ‘Wild’ Details Behind Historic Evangelism Event Encouraging Students to Turn ‘From Death to Life.’ In short, the Lord did not bless that “revival” at all. I believe this is the reason they brought in Hollywood.

They not only preached another Jesus at this “revival,” they used deception about the event so as to conjure even more attendees outside of Christendom so as to make it appear a success they can flaunt in advance of their next one. Still, they were unable to “fill the Stadium” as they claimed.

In the article they actually said that, “It’s the latest in monumental spiritual gatherings and outpourings to unfold involving college students across America.  …The wild thing is there’s never been an event at this stadium that’s been student-led or faith-based, …Literally like 10 days before [the event], I’m talking to my board chairman about whether this should happen,” Hall said. “Ten days later, I’m talking to him, saying, ‘Well, it’s clearly supposed to happen because we’re out of tickets.” –ibid

Did you catch that? They said they were “out of tickets.” Being “out of tickets” means they filled the stadium, right? Well.. not really, because notice what they said in yet another article on MSN. They said “The event appeared to have roughly 20,000 to 30,000 people in attendance, University of Oklahoma’s student paper reported. More than 86,000 were expected to attend, with event organizers telling the OU Daily that tickets were sold out within days of announcing the event’s headliners.” –Source.

They advertised with their “fill the stadium” slogan for weeks (months?) that the stadium was going to be packed with 86,000 Christians. Yet they just admitted the “tickets were sold out within days of announcing the event’s headliners.” So my assumption was correct! They knew the Lord was not blessing it and so they appealed to the dying god of this world to make up the money they feared losing.

Did God’s hand move? YES! I believe it did! But not in the way they hoped. These “revivals” are not of God and so He was not going to bless it with large crowds. ALL of this is based on worldliness. The fact they got Hollywood involved proves this hands down! The fact they said the stadium had 86,000 seats, and then said the “tickets sold out” even though the facts dictate they only sold 20,000 to 30,000 seats in reality shows using deception was their only out. Me thinks in the coming days, the term “sold out” is going to be used as a marketing ploy for their next “revival.”

Praise God some of the Christians that wasted gas money, rental car fees, and even plane fare were serious about their walk with Christ that day and left after hearing Taylor Swift or some Rapper shouting all sorts of disgusting things in song. The reason I believe those that left are serious Bible students is due to what was prophesied long ago in 2 Corinthians 11:3-4 by the apostle Paul who said, “But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.  For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him.”

Some of these young people are about to grow in their knowledge of the Word to be used of God during the final warning of the Loud Cry and Satan knows it. I praise the Lord the students that left passed the test and walked out of that stadium the moment they knew “another Jesus” was being presented there. Please pray they come to a better understanding of God’s Word so as to be used of Him in a mighty way very soon when the long-prophesied true revival of primitive godliness commences and many souls will be saved directly before the plagues begin.

What happened at that stadium is the same thing Paul feared would happen to the Christians in Corinth back then. And as reality dictates prophetic fact, what happened at that stadium is the norm in all the apostate churches the world over wherein they claim Jesus is in their church when in fact they’re headlining another Jesus that appeals to the lukewarm and worldliness of souls in sin so as to “entertain” the people into oblivion. Have you noticed the last few decades that some of these churches have “Christmas” and “Easter” plays where they charge admission so as to make the money the Lord is not sending them? The reason they do this is because, just as they just saw at the Asbury revival, God isn’t sending them the truth and since they have no truth, the Lord will not send the people. The Lord will never send a child of His to hear the “many false prophets” Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24:11.

Due to lack of donations, some of these churches even have Bingo nights and some have even charged their flock large admission fees to watch their pastors fight each other in a bloody cage match in front of the church family. Don’t believe me? Check out this video.

Due to the fact that all the world is wondering after the beast system in Rome, and this was designed to come to a head in our generation due to the Vatican II’s ecumenical charge that indoctrinated all the churches they commanded their Jesuit priests to infiltrate to both accept Catholicism as Christianity as well as emulate their unbiblical dogma, the “Jesus” now being promoted in all the churches, revivals, movies, cartoons, magazines, modern day Bibles and even in Vatican artwork found in the SDA church’s college yearbooks are not the Jesus of the Bible. In fact, the paintings of Jesus today are actually images of the illegitimate son of Pope Alexander VI from way back in 1471AD. His name was Cesare Borgia.

Historic information has even been uncovered stating Cesare Borgia killed his own brother to claim his infamous Papal warlord position in Rome. And today, this murderer is the man the Vatican and 100% of all apostate churches put out as the face of Jesus Christ? Yes, it is fitting they do so as Rome’s bloodthirsty past warrants such a wicked face. And this “pretty Jesus” is exactly what Satan will soon appear as in the coming days claiming to be Jesus on earth regardless of the fact that prophecy said in Isaiah 53:2, “He hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him.”

In other words, Jesus, who could have made Himself look any way He wanted. He wasn’t handsome for a reason. He wanted the truth He taught to move the hearts towards His Father in Heaven and not His fleshly appearance. After all, remember how that worked out for king Saul eons ago? Mankind only looks at the flesh. Jesus not only looks at the heart, He teaches us to ignore the flesh.

The false revivals of today and the pretty Jesus of Rome in EVERY denomination including the SDA church, as well as in every movie the last few decades is no mistake. All the actors, who must have brown hair and a beard, who by basic definition are professional liars; they’re all playing “Jesus” so as to appear exactly as Rome preferred ever since they promoted the illegitimate son of Pope Alexander VI who also had long brown hair and a beard so as to set the final stage of deception in our day.

Yes, it seems far-fetched, but ask yourself this question. Why are all these actors that play Jesus have long brown hair and a beard exactly as Cesare Borgia? No one today was alive 2000 years ago to see Jesus first hand. Yet 100% of all these actors portray Him in the exact same way? It’s because you have to understand Satan is the one running the show here and he has controlled the Vatican since its infancy. In fact, since we’re so close to the end, Satan now demands open worship of him by the Popes of Rome. Proof? See these pics and videos of the Vatican buildings as well as the prelates themselves and how they match Satanic ritual, dogma and even the exact same clothing of the Satanist in a very graphic way.

You also need to realize humans are very easy to indoctrinate, hence the reason subliminal messaging and backward masking works so well. Rome knew if they placed an image of their version of Jesus before the eyes of billions for centuries will work when their dying god masquerades as “another Jesus!” This is all designed to ready billions of Christians into accepting Satan as Jesus Christ when he physically appears on earth in the very near future, and this is regardless of the fact that when the real Jesus returns, the Bible clearly says He never touches the earth at all. Yet the “Jesus” of these false revivals not only stands on earth in the coming days, he supposedly declares he will bring 1000 years of peace which as we know is found nowhere in the Bible!

When our Lord, Saviour and King returns, 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18 clearly says, “For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: (17) Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. (18) Wherefore comfort one another with these words.”

That all being said, why do most Christians ignore such bold proof in their very own Bibles that their “pastors” are lying to them about what happens in the final days? It’s because they do not have a desire to study the Word of God daily so as to know and love the Jesus of the Bible and therefore they cannot be ready to meet Jesus when He gets here. But they will accept the fake one because they never knew the real Jesus and all that the Bible says about His return.

In their spiritual stupor billions of people will be indoctrinated with a powerful flesh authored yearning to prefer the lies of the pastors that preach “smooth things” and even “prophesy deceits” so as to calm their fears which they believe protects their flesh exactly as prophesied in Isaiah 30:9-10. All the false prophecies of today are concrete evidence that we are living in the last hours before Christ returns! The final warning has already begun. The fact these false revivals are growing in number as well as frequency confirms Christian prophecy is THAT accurate!

The fake Jesus, the easily proven lies about a 7 year tribulation1000 years of peace and a secret rapture just to name a few are all easily proven false by merely opening a Bible to the very verses their pastors use to see if what they say is really being said in the Bible. If the people would just verify what their pastors say and read those verses in context, it will be easy for them to see the truth as well as see a prophecy fulfilled right before their eyes regarding how Jesus said the pastors of today would be the “many false prophets” that lure billions into damnation. The fact so many end time prophecies have been fulfilled the last few decades and especially the last three years demands the people wake up and realize the prophecy about the wolves they call pastors has also been fulfilled globally!

But I must warn you;

If you plan to study the prophecies or even Bible doctrine for that matter, unless you use the unedited King James Bible, there is no way you will ever be able to connect the dots to know what’s coming next. This is why they re-wrote the Bibles and removed thousands of verses! They changed the way the prophetic symbols and doctrinal statements are not only defined using the “line upon line” method of Isaiah 28:9-10, they are no longer in sync across the 66 books of the Bible. The way they changed the words that speak of certain doctrines or prophetic symbols can no longer be cross-referenced in those bogus bibles. Proof? See this.

The use and promoting of these bogus bibles is Satan’s favored attack against God’s people. He uses the preachers they trust to pull them away from Christ exactly as he did eons ago and now prophesied in Ezekiel 13:17-23. This is also why all the apostate preachers count on you following their lead by agreeing to use the modern Bibles they use wherein literally thousands of verses are missing and thousands re-written. Proof? See this.

And so I ask, which Jesus do you await? The one of the Holy Bible? Or the one of the unholy revival?

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