The Return of Mask Mandates

On August 21, 2023, reported that “Covid mask mandates are returning to Hollywood, with Lionsgate being the first major studio to reinstate masking and daily testing for its Los Angeles office workers… The return of mask mandates comes as the Biden administration is ramping up another round of COVID hysteria ahead of 2024, pressuring all Americans to get the latest booster this fall. This had led to growing suspicion that Democrats will not only impose mask mandates but bring back mass lockdowns ahead of the next presidential election, in a repeat of 2020”

In addition, “Atlanta’s Morris Brown College is re-embracing mask mandates, years after initial panic over the coronavirus” as also reported the following day.

It has been established that “face masks don’t work“. In December 2022, also reported that mask may return despite science showing they don’t work.”

Unless you forget, “the mask is a weapon of obedience!” as warned by Robert F. Kennedy Jr in September 2020 exposing the plot of global elite against humanity. This also coincides with the Pope’s urging obedience to coronavirus lockdown at the beginning of Covid in 2020.

As expected, the “powers that be” will not stop until they get their goal – full control on population as prophesied. We all know the mask and the vaccine were a test of Satan’s global elite to see if most people would obey their governments which is all based on a lie. And the global experiment worked!

The Pope’s climate change agenda claims to stop all natural disasters but we all know it has nothing to do with the climate change but these are final signs that Jesus’ is coming soon! Religious laws are coming! Are you ready? Are you sure?!

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