Exactly As Prophesied

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As students of prophecy, we know there are certain things that must happen before the mark of the beast can be enforced. If you have read my blog entry titled “Steps Have Been Taken to Enforce the MARK” you know what’s already happened recently and so, there’s not a lot left to happen. I also have a page titled “Religious Laws are Coming” wherein I share current events regarding the mark of the beast being enforced soon and I also have a website “The LOUD Cry” wherein I share an outline on how the Loud Cry goes forth and what happens directly before the mark is enforced for those children of God who are serious about getting ready for their King’s return.

For those wanting a ton of current articles and videos showing the Pope is using his long prophesied agenda he now calls “Climate Change” to demand a global need for religious laws we know will cultivate a worldwide desire for “Sunday Laws” to stop the calamities in nature, please check this page out.

That all being said; this post is going to hopefully open the eyes of the scoffer who claims there will be no religious laws, and the Pope is not going to use climate change to con every nation on earth to keep Sunday holy so as to stop all the so-called climate disasters, you need to check out what the Pope just released to every national leader on earth by clicking here.

And for those that don’t want to read all that the Pope wrote in the prophesied document, as it is a bit wordy as well as cryptic in nature, here are just a few excerpts proving Christian prophecy is THAT ACCURATE; and the man of sin in Rome is doing exactly as prophesied.

  • “This is a global social issue and one intimately related to the dignity of human life. The Bishops of the United States have expressed very well this social meaning of our concern about climate change, which goes beyond a merely ecological approach, because “our care for one another and our care for the earth are intimately bound together.” -Laudate Deum #3
  • “If we consider that emissions per individual in the United States are about two times greater than those of individuals living in China, and about seven times greater than the average of the poorest countries, we can state that a broad change in the irresponsible lifestyle connected with the Western model would have a significant long-term impact. As a result, along with indispensable political decisions, we would be making progress along the way to genuine care for one another.” -Laudate Deum #72

In other words, all the laws the Pope wants to enforce to assure no one is able to “legally” deny his climate change agenda; having the United States enforce it first will move all other nations to follow America’s lead to go global. And just so you know, this is clearly prophesied to happen in this exact order. Proof? See this.

After declaring all sorts of scientifically confirmed falsehoods about everything from global warming causing more snow in some areas, volcanic eruptions in other areas and dozens of other very unscientific strange claims that literally 31,487 real Scientists have declared to be lies back in 1997 when the Pope and Al Gore started this campaign, and an additional 1,600 scientists just joined with them in August of 2023 to further confirm the Pope isn’t telling the truth about climate change; yet the Pope continues to make these statements like this next one in his “Laudate Deum.”

  • “Certain apocalyptic diagnoses may well appear scarcely reasonable or insufficiently grounded. This should not lead us to ignore the real possibility that we are approaching a critical point.” -Laudate Deum #17

The reason he uses the term “apocalyptic diagnoses” is two-fold.

#1, the Pope knows all about how the prophesied Loud Cry is about to go forth all around the world proving all the climate disasters and general calamities have nothing to do with climate change and everything to do with the final signs of Christ’s return, and so he hopes to plant a seed of doubt in the hearts of everyone that is soon to hear the final warning regarding his real agenda with climate change.

#2, the Pope knows for a fact the remnant people in the 11th hour movement of Matthew 20:1-7 have already been warning people in every nation about all the final signs that have been fulfilled for decades and they have begun leaving the apostate churches exactly as prophesied in Revelation 18:1-5. And so again, he hopes to plant a seed of doubt in the hearts of everyone that is about to hear the final warning regarding his real agenda with climate change, which we know is all about enforcing the mark of the beast globally.

The Pope also stated:

  • “we can add that the Covid-19 pandemic brought out the close relation of human life with that of other living beings and with the natural environment. But in a special way, it confirmed that what happens in one part of the world has repercussions on the entire planet.” -Laudate Deum #19

Problem with that claim is, the so-called pandemic was not an actual pandemic at all. In fact, it was nowhere near the required numbers to even be considered an epidemic, let alone a border crossing pandemic. And yes, I have a ton of proof listed here that is updated weekly. The “pandemic” was nothing more than a global political exercise that allowed the Pope to build the final infrastructure he needs to enforce the mark in each individual nation. Proof? See this video.

Now for the clincher:

  • “When we talk about the possibility of some form of world authority regulated by law, we need not necessarily think of a personal authority”.[26] We are speaking above all of “more effective world organizations, equipped with the power to provide for the global common good, the elimination of hunger and poverty and the sure defence of fundamental human rights”.[27] The issue is that they must be endowed with real authority, in such a way as to “provide for” the attainment of certain essential goals.” -Laudate Deum #35
  • I invite you to recognize that “many groups and organizations within civil society help to compensate for the shortcomings of the international community, its lack of coordination in complex situations, and its lack of attention to fundamental human rights” -Laudate Deum #37
  • “In the medium-term, globalization favours spontaneous cultural interchanges, greater mutual knowledge and processes of integration of peoples, which end up provoking a multilateralism “from below” and not simply one determined by the elites of power. The demands that rise up from below throughout the world, where activists from very different countries help and support one another, can end up pressuring the sources of power. It is to be hoped that this will happen with respect to the climate crisis. For this reason, I reiterate that “unless citizens control political power – national, regional and municipal – it will not be possible to control damage to the environment” -Laudate Deum #38

All that he is saying here is that he wants a new “world authority” which the obedient remnant has been exposing as the Vatican’s final agenda for decades as the “New World Order” that is prophesied to be in actual power for 15 days at the end of plague #6. In a Newsletter I posted back in June of 2006, it is clear that this long expected global power controlled by Rome has already agreed nation by nation under a well-structured global constitution first drafted on paper as “the club of Rome” back in 1968.

  • “All this presupposes the development of a new procedure for decision-making and legitimizing those decisions… In this framework, there would necessarily be required spaces for conversation, consultation, arbitration, conflict resolution and supervision, and, in the end, a sort of increased “democratization” in the global context. -Laudate Deum #43
  • “the accords have been poorly implemented, due to lack of suitable mechanisms for oversight, periodic review and penalties in cases of noncompliance. The principles which they proclaimed still await an efficient and flexible means of practical implementation”.[32] Also, that “international negotiations cannot make significant progress due to positions taken by countries which place their national interests above the global common good. Those who will have to suffer the consequences of what we are trying to hide will not forget this failure of conscience and responsibility.” -Laudate Deum #52

The Pope is demanding laws and strict penalties for any and all that “deride the facts” he makes about his climate change agenda. (See sections 6-8 in his Laudate Deum for more info) This is exactly what we have been warning absolutely everyone about nonstop for as long as I can recall. Soon, this will be law globally. You cannot change Christian prophecy!

Now do you see why the Pope created the “Roman International Court System” years ago when no one on all the apostate pulpits were able to see or even understood any need for him to do this as of yet? This is why the Pope has been vying since 2009 to be the “moral authority” on earth. Just ten years prior to that long expected announcement prophesied by the prophet Daniel, many came forward seeking to puff the Pope up for just such a position. Do you recall this article back in May of 1999?

  • “THE Pope was recognized as the overall authority in the Christian world by an Anglican and Roman Catholic commission yesterday which described him as a “gift to be received by all the Churches”. …if a new united Christian Church was created it would be the ‘Bishop of Rome who would exercise a universal primacy.” -CHURCHES AGREE THAT POPE HAS OVERALL AUTHORITY, (Electronic Telegraph-UK News) May 13, 1999 Oliver Poole http://www.freerepublic.com

He is now that authority according to global church leaders! In fact, that day came and went 4 years ago! Proof? Check out this video I made back on February 13, 2019.

For decades we have been doing all we can to warn people that the Popes of Rome and their loyal operatives in the United Nations and every 501c3 government approved church will use their fabricated climate change emergency to demand religious laws be passed in every nation on earth so as to criminalize any and all speech or activity they deem “illegal” so as to supposedly save the planet. This was boldly confirmed as reality which in turn vindicated all of us in the SDR Movement when we saw (and documented) all the strange laws and global infrastructure that was set up during the so-called pandemic. Every nation on earth has agreed in writing to do as the Pope demanded. And the 3 nations that refused, saw their leaders quickly assassinated. This confirms the New World Order Machine is running exactly as expected. Not to mention the fact that some scientists were also assassinated for investigating the claims of melting ice in the Artic.

Now that the infrastructure is intact and actual “steps have been taken to enforce the mark,” all that’s left now is to draft and then enforce a global law criminalizing anything and anyone they deem to be a problem regarding their climate change agenda. And this includes the removal of free speech unto all those seeking to warn everyone about this long prophesied agenda. And yes, this is why the Pope started demanding “limits on free speech” back in 2015 so as to have everything in place as we speak.

That all being said… are you ready? ARE YOU SURE?!

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