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Remember the (Sunday) Sabbath to Stop Global Warming!

“In The Washington Post recently, advice columnist Michael Coren argued that one way to fight climate change is to take a weekly day of rest. He called his idea a “green Sabbath. Clergy are now arguing that this practice, whether in a secular or religious context, can help redirect the world’s societies away from catastrophic climate change.

Is this not exactly what students of prophecy have been warning everyone about the last few decades? In fact, every chance I get I hand someone a tract about climate change asking them to keep an eye on how the powers that be will use religious laws to enforce it worldwide, because every time the mark of the beast is mentioned in the book of Revelation, the word “worship” is right there with it because as we also know, in Isaiah 14:14 it says that Satan wants to be worshiped as a god directly before Jesus returns. And yes, this is why all the governments joined together in creating an infrastructure to enforce the mark in every nation but to keep the prophetic facts from being known by most, they created a false pandemic so as to have everything in place they needed to be able to switch from demanding a mask or a vax to buy and sell things, they can now demand all keep Sunday holy to buy and sell. And if you seek more proof on this, see this short video I made not too long ago regarding all this.

U.N. 666 Building!

Students of prophecy know all about how the powers that be show their loyalty unto the prophesied beast system in Rome. It’s all about the number 666. I did a video not too long ago on this as well showing how as prophesied the number 666 is appearing in logos of all sorts of major corporations all around the world, as well as being flashed about by so-called celebrities in the film and music industries. But nothing confirms this prophecy fulfilled more than how the New World Order leaders in the way the new United Nations Senegal building was constructed to display 666 that echoes the fiendish logo of the graphically antichristian company of Google, that censures Christians on both their search engine and on YouTube

Truth is students of prophecy have outed the U.N. as a Vatican contrived entity hell-bent on a New World order decades ago. Yes, some laughed, I’m sure; but no one can deny such a bold and obvious sign of loyalty unto the man of sin in Rome as this anymore. In fact, notice the center of the building. That’s a depiction of the entire world being embraced and controlled by the Papal beast system. As I look at this, I can see that this is obviously their best attempt at showing a visual representation of the fulfillment of the prophecy declared in Revelation 13:3-4 in a feeble attempt to mock the Creator God, Saviour, Messiah and King of the ever expanding Universe, Jesus Christ. The fact they mock Him in this way CONFIRMS the prophecy as FACT!

VIDEO: Trump Promises to Grant Christians Unprecedented Political Power (Exactly as prophesied!)

What many Christians are right now ignoring with Trump is how Christian prophecy is being fulfilled all around this man in ways that the so-called Christian leaders surrounding him are blind to due to their prophesied love affair with the almighty dollar he lives for.

As we has been watching U.S. Presidents becoming more and more wicked for many decades, it was only a matter of time before a “people’s president” would be installed by Rome so as to assure not just religious laws being brought in, as we now see confirmed in their plans for the year 2025, Trump is now promising to allow all the 501c3 pastors that have created an image of the beast system in Rome by joining their churches with the state in order to get that tax free 501c3 status, now that the fix is in, and as prophesied, the church and state will now work together to eliminate any opposition to the Pope’s Sunday laws that he claims with stop what he calls global warming and the Bible calls the final signs of Christ’s return.

At first, and as outlined in the 2025 agenda, they will claim to make all Sabbaths appear protected; but that will not last long at all as Christian prophecy is clear and cannot be changed. Rome’s Sunday Sabbath will be enforced by law as an individual MARK of loyalty unto all that obey him, and a certain legalization of persecution against anyone that keeps the truth Sabbath of the Creator God, that by the way NEVER changed! But as also prophesied in Daniel 7:25, the beast system in Rome will seek to change God’s law so as to offer worship unto Satan in the extreme end of days and we can now see clearly, that we are very close to the end.

Skyrocketing’: Number of Attacks on American Christians and Churches Explodes

“Experts are warning a “skyrocketing” number of attacks on Christian churches “mirrors the general anti-Christian tenor of the Biden administration’s policies, at home and abroad,” according to a new report from the Washington Stand that detailed how such incidents of violence have exploded 800% over six years.”

The report explains, “Joe Biden’s ‘indifference abroad to the fundamental freedom of religion is rivaled only by the increasing antagonism toward the moral absolutes taught by Bible-believing churches here in the U.S.’”

The powers that be under Satan’s control realize it is a must to separate obedient and lukewarm Christians now just before the mark is enforced so as to make it more difficult for the truth to spread. Christians have been hated for eons yes, but as I illustrate on my “Christian persecution” and “religious laws are coming” pages on the main site, this hatred has been escalated more now than ever before. They are purposely making obedient Sabbath keeping Christians hated so as to test and then set up government procedures they will use to target and persecute us, and especially so after the Pope declares the climate change disasters are all our fault because we refuse to keep the Sunday Sabbath holy, which his dying god Satan demands must be kept.

Huge number of Americans fear free speech disintegrating

“When asked about “whether people are able to freely express their views,” 69% of respondents said things in America are heading in the wrong direction, compared to only 31% who believe that things are heading in the “right direction,” the polling revealed. Almost one-third of the respondents, 29%, said free speech is not at all secure.”

As many already know, I am no stranger to having my speech censored. It all started many years ago when AOL censored me and then eventually removed me from accessing the Internet. I praise the Lord however that 2 weeks before they did that, I had discovered a way to access the Internet without their service and so it really didn’t affect me other than no longer being able to enter the AOL chat rooms to share my faith. And yes, that’s when the website was born and so as usual, it backfired on Satan. Not too long after that I found my radio broadcast was censored in a few eastern states and so I was blessed to be able to build my own radio station under the title “Worldwide Truth Provided Radio.” And so again, it backfired on Satan. Next, Google began censoring me and seeing how there’s not much I can do about that, the Lord allowed my site to be backlinked to millions of other websites globally. In so doing, Google can still censor me yes, but unless they research and block each and every one of those millions of backlinks pointing to certain pages on my site, the truth is still out there. Then Google bought out YouTube and as expected, not only was I shadow-banned immediately, all my subscribers were blocked from receiving alerts whenever I uploaded a new video, and not too long after that YouTube then chose to systematically delete some of the videos I posted that confirmed church and state prophesied fulfillments they feared would upset the masses. And so, as expected, it backfired on Satan and my video porta at was built and many of my videos were also posted to a new free speech forum at

That all being said, why are they censoring Christians with prophetic facts that out the Pope and his cronies as well as all their long-prophesied activities? It’s because Satan knows the loud cry is soon to begin wherein the blessed and obedient remnant go forth to explain the truth about climate change, the so-called pandemic and how both were created by Rome so as to build an infrastructure they can use to enforce the mark of the beast.

In short, what happened 2000 years ago when the demon inspired Pharisees tried to remove free speech from the apostles that moved Peter and the other apostles to declare “we ought to obey God rather than men” in Acts 5:29,  this very same truth we have already started to proclaim is upsetting the same Vatican controlled powers that be today.  So be it, the loud cry will still go forth, they will never stop the many souls that are prophesied to “come out” of the apostate churches, nor will they stop the plagues that come within one year of Jesus coming back to put an end to all life on earth while at the same time bring His obedient bride home with Him to Heaven. And with that I say, MARANATHA!

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