Shocking Articles of the Week (ending 03-06-24)

Credit: Blog from Presents of God ministry

I will touch on three articles this week that actually work well together when it comes to showing just how close to the end and the glorious return of our Lord, Saviour and King Jesus Christ we really are.

Check out this trailer for a movie called Civil War. It seems that just as Hollywood has done so many times before under the guidance of both Rome and corrupt Politicians in a demonic compliance of church and state, (not to be confused with the prophesied image of the beast) this movie will no doubt seed the maniacal mindset of literally thousands of less educated Americans into building deep within themselves an optimistic viewpoint towards triggering a civil war in the USA again. Yes, the so-called “well educated” church and state leaders are also working on this as well; but theirs is an education based on self-glory and a diabolical lust for power. One can only image how soon it is when we see pictures like this repeating daily in every city.

But of course, the movements of church and state leaders towards this coming to fruition will be kept behind closed doors, just as the Popes of Rome who have claimed to be leading a Christian church for centuries have actually hidden their indisputable satanic fruit, as well as many other prophesied facts locking them down as the home to antichrist. For the most part, and I love how the Lord makes this possible; one doesn’t need a prophetic eye to see such things. The mere ability to read historic record should suffice. What amazes me is how many Catholics and non-Catholics alike ignore these biblical facts, or worse yet even believe the Popes are pro-life even though Catholic hospitals still kill babies to this day. Yes, most will declare I’m lying about that, but, the facts are readily available if in reality scoffers would even care to look at them.

The basic and long-prophesied reality here is that Satan needs to change everything in a graphic manner (great reset) in our day, and he needs to get it done quickly so as to make the enforcement of his mark much easier. Therefore, this movie about a civil war in America is going to help him to that end. And before anyone seeks to email or call me declaring I’m a bit irrational; you need to be aware that civil war is prophesied to happen a second time in America. Don’t believe me? Sit tight and I will prove it,  but before sharing the facts on this that line up perfectly with what everyone sees with their own eyes today, notice this article that was just posted titled, “Alarm Bells For The U.S. Food Supply” a few days ago. This is key to how this all goes down.

As most that follow the daily news reports realize, the exorbitant prices of food as well as a very obvious shortage in the food supply is essentially designed by the powers that be to generate more profits on their end while at the same time cripple the middle classes and especially place a burden on millions of poor Americans. As most that only have a mere smattering of prophetic understanding can tell you, even they know, the rich are to become richer while the poor become poorer.

This lack of means to the common man will bring on much more crime as well as chaos in the cities, which will of course allow the powers that be to follow through on their Socialist plans that they hope to bring “order out of chaos” so as to bring on their long desired “police state” in the USA which they know will cripple any and all viable opposition. What most are not aware of due to the prophesied apostate pastors running rampant across Christendom that are blind to the many prophetic realities of our day; which includes how the Pope is using “climate change” to bring about religious laws to enforce unjust laws he claims will slow what he calls climate change and the Bible calls the final signs of Christ’s return. The fact they are planning to literally fine people between $2,171 and $3,257 for driving cars ON SUNDAY in Mexico City claiming it will help slow climate change attests to just how accurate Christian prophecy is.

In sort, this civil war movie is nothing more than a means to an end. It’s a nationwide psychological operation targeting vulnerable Americans that prefer Sports, Hollywood and other forms of entertainment to cloud their minds so as to be unable to see what’s actually happening all around them. But then that’s how Satan has always plied his craft against the human race.

When looking upon all that was orchestrated via the recent bought and paid for riots, supply chain disruptions, current crime waves, the so-called pandemic and quite a few other odds and ends that helped the government approved churches and corrupt politicians build their infrastructure that grants Satan’s man of sin in Rome the much needed power to enforce his mark worldwide. The timing of all this is seamless in that it is already bringing on an emptying of the store shelves as well as increasing prices off the chart making it quite difficult for the middle class and especially rough for the poor to afford something and basic as food. Truth is, all of this is supposed to happen in the end of days.

That all being said, notice what was stated 125 years ago regarding how civil war will be cultivated in America.

The monied men, because they have the power, control the market. They purchase at low rates all they can obtain, and then sell at greatly increased pricesThis means starvation to the poorer classes, and will result in a civil war.” -General manuscript, untitled, typed August 13, 1899.  {5MR 305.3,4}  

Everything we see happening in the USA regarding how the government is purposely crippling our food supply by regulating the truckers that bring it, to many food manufacturers somehow suddenly burning to the ground, as well as seeking to cause millions of livestock to starve, and now since that wasn’t working fast enough for them, the largest fires ever recorded in the Texas’ state history is sure to further effect the food supply as farmers and ranchers lose everything.

And it’s no mistake the powers that be cultivated their infamous crime wave using government approved riots in many cities as well as now allowing millions of illegal aliens into the country that have no fear of jail time for their crimes; all of this generates the “need” for a federal police force to control the crime THEY CULTIVATED. And so, we can surely expect to see more and more of what’s happening in New York wherein they just deployed the National Guard to Combat New York City Subway Crime, and if the presence of soldiers in the Subway isn’t enough to normalize soldiers on every corner as we saw in Nazi Germanythey’re also going through peoples bags as well. Now yes, this will make things safer, but none of this was necessary until 9 million illegals were allowed to enter into our country. But then, you could never demonstrate a reason for an American police state unless there was an invasion.

Everything is where it needs to be so that when Rome decides to enforce her mark first in the USA, all nations will follow our lead exactly as prophesied.

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