VIDEO: Chicago Crime: October was 2nd deadliest month of 2016, police say

1584534_630x354“Tuesday was the first day of November and Chicago has already recorded its first murder. The newest crime numbers from the Chicago Police Department are staggering.” –Source

It never ceases to amaze me how accurate Christian prophecy is. Worse yet, it also boggles my mind as to how so many understanding Christians ignore it point blank. I praise God for the hedge of angels the obedient flock keeps praying for and the Lord keeps placing over them. Still, eventually that hedge will be removed when the Christians continue to ignore the many warnings as we get close to the end day by day because we cannot get around the fact that the cities of America are no place for Christians to be living. And it’s not just the crime either. That’s bad enough especially in Chicago as we see in this article. But temptation from the enemy of souls runs amuck at every turn from the scantily clad women (and men) on the billboards to the wicked souls milling about looking for a mate and or victim day by day. Yes, the city is a good place to do the work, be that secular or spiritual work for obvious reasons. But millions of people live outside the city and commute to work in them each and every day. But for Christians who understand prophecy; when it comes to the will of God who prefers His people heed the warnings, another factor of amazement has to be His off the chart longsuffering and patience towards those that remain in the city even years after realizing He told them it was time to leave.   Continue reading