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As many are aware that have seen all my videos posted on my climate change page over the last few years, the Pope is planning to demand Sunday laws to stop climate change. In fact, the United States Government’s “Project 2025” is concrete proof the prophecy is very soon in fulfilling. BUT, what the Pope sent to the COP28 U.N. Climate Summit in Dubai yesterday (December 03, 2023) declares we are MUCH CLOSER to Sunday Laws than ever before.

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‘Inclusive Globalism’ Means Embracing LGBT Rights, Davos Attendees Told

GettyImages-631801550-640x427Corporations should be encouraged to support gay rights as a means to further economic gain, attendees at the World Economic Forum in Davos will hear this week.

World leaders gather this week at the Swiss ski resort to discuss how to make globalism more inclusive in response to the rising tide of populism.

As part of that agenda Chief Operating Officer of the Thomson Reuters Foundation Antonio Zappulla has suggested private and public sector leaders be encouraged to be more “inclusive” of LGBT staff.

Singling out organisations who have been leading on that agenda for praise, Zappulla cited the British intelligence agency, MI5, as an example of the “progress” made over the last decade.   Continue reading