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As many are aware that have seen all my videos posted on my climate change page over the last few years, the Pope is planning to demand Sunday laws to stop climate change. In fact, the United States Government’s “Project 2025” is concrete proof the prophecy is very soon in fulfilling. BUT, what the Pope sent to the COP28 U.N. Climate Summit in Dubai yesterday (December 03, 2023) declares we are MUCH CLOSER to Sunday Laws than ever before.

That being said, I hope and pray those that saw all the evidence I posted for years regarding all this on my “Climate Change will lead to the Mark” page will finally come to repentance so as to “make their paths straight” for the coming of the Lord. What the Pope just announced is rock hard proof, Christian prophecy is THAT ACCURATE!


Pope Francis: The Problem of Climate Change Is ‘a Religious Problem’ “Pope Francis asserted Sunday that the global climate crisis is “a religious problem … The pope’s words, read by Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin, were… meant to harness religions for the cause of fighting global warming.”Source

He just stated what students of prophecy have been saying he would say for decades! This is concrete evidence that the prophecy is true for those that doubt Christian prophecy can be that accurate! Climate change was invented so as to create a GLOBAL reason to enforce religious laws for Satan to be worshipped as a god exactly as stated in Isaiah 14:12-14.

Now do you see why the “image of the beast” had to be formed in the USA first? The Pope needs all religious leaders to create an image to the Vatican’s “church & state” form of government so as to allow all government approved 501c3 preachers and pastors to have the same religious and political power that the bloodthirsty Vatican had DURING THE INQUISITION! That’s the only way the mark of the beast can be enforced in this final generation. This is also why the “World Economic Forum wants to CRIMINALIZE ‘climate inaction’!” That article depicts an absolute mixture of a church & state form of global government exactly as prophesied! How?

Check out the many videos, articles and studies I posted on my climate change page so as to understand what the Pope just demanded at the COP28 Summit is an ABSOLUTE FULFILLMENT OF CHRISTIAN PROPHECY! The mark of the beast is soon to be enforced!

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