BankersSuicide is a complicated thing. The who, what, when, where and why of ending your own life are equally complex, and it’s a subject matter that needs to be analyzed delicately in order to avoid oversimplifying things.

Sometimes, however, suicide is just flat-out suspicious.

Sanjay Valvani, 44, was a hedge fund manager at Visium Asset Management LP. Recently, Valvani’s wife found him with his throat slashed open in what authorities have reported as “an apparent suicide.”

When you consider the events surrounding the death, as well as what a strange way to commit suicide slashing your own throat is, and especially the fact that a number of bankers have chosen to end their own lives in highly unusual ways, it seems as though there’s more to this story than we’re being told by the mainstream media.

It is important to note that shortly before his death, Valvani had been charged in an insider trading scheme with implications involving the FDA. The Daily Sheeple reports, “The charges, that he always claimed he was innocent of and which he pleaded not guilty to, involved garnering $25 million off of advanced knowledge of generic FDA drug application approvals.”

Any time people that are involved in lawsuits that could potentially expose a lot of controversial information are found dead, there’s a major red flag. When it’s a mysterious death being passed off as a suicide, there are even more questions to be had. So, in theory, Big Pharma benefits heavily from Valvani no longer being alive to speak out against the FDA.

There have historically been a lot of shady dealings going on with Big Pharma, so potentially murdering those who try to throw them under the metaphorical bus isn’t that big of a stretch. We all know you can’t trust them anyway…

Could this all be a very strange coincidence? Sure. Could it also be a hit job perpetrated by Big Pharma? You already know the answer to that.  SOURCE

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