Why Do 80 Percent Of Convicts Convert To Islam Over Other Religions?

It should come as no surprise that a significant amount of people miraculously “find God” after being sent to prison. Aside from numerous instances of real life examples, there is an endless amount of movies and books and stories that find incarcerated individuals seeing the metaphorical light and changing the evil of their ways with the help of religion.

In reality, most of these people convert to Islam. But why?  

What about Islam is so appealing to those in prison? Everyone from activists like Malcolm X and Abdul Alim Musa to boxers like Bernard Hopkins and Mike Tyson seems to find the appeal in Islam while locked up. Dr. J. Michael Waller claims that of the prisoners who become religious while incarcerated, 80% of them choose Islam. While there’s no formal evidence to prove exactly why this is, the statistic alone is alarming.

Recently, an Arkansas couple — Alan and Daphne Crawford — with a history of bizarre, threatening behavior, converted to Islam. In the months following their conversion, the couple threatened numerous different people in their area. From threatening waitresses in a diner to customers in a supermarket, the Crawford have been going on an apparent rampage; all the while referencing their Muslim views.

And mainstream media outlets wonder why the American people have “Islamophobic” tendencies. Well, it could possibly have something to do with Muslim people threatening them. Just a theory.

Once again, trying to refer to Islam as a “religion of peace” is laughable. After all, it’s a religion that draws in convicted felons. Meanwhile, we can’t ever get liberal politicians like Barack Obama to even consider the idea that radical Islam is responsible for inspiring terrorist attacks. Radical Muslim extremists consistently make their motives known, and we’re expected to pretend we didn’t hear them to avoid being politically incorrect.

Leftists: It’s time to open your eyes and accept the fact that religious ideologies are inherently flawed — and they’re not above objective criticism.  SOURCE

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