internet-censorship“A generously funded “online hate crime hub” has been set up to tackle online vitriol by identifying suspects and encouraging citizens to report them to police, but critics fear the newly-established unit might endanger freedom of speech. …By establishing this unit, we are sending a strong message to those who use online forums to spread hate that their actions will not be tolerated,” Metropolitan police said in a statement, as cited by The Business Standard. The newly-established cybercrime unit will consist of five trained detectives, aided by volunteers who will be urged to report both “criminal and non-criminal incidents.” Under the auspices of a joint partnership program run by police and social media services, the volunteers will learn how to use “online tools” to respond to hate crimes they encounter on the web. …While online hate speech presents a complex problem, having police officers take up the role of “chatroom moderators” doesn’t seem like the best way to tackle it to many people. Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron argues that this approach will likely result in “undermining our very precious freedom of speech.”” –Source

This is nothing more than an attempt at stopping Christians who preach present truth and who will be used to proclaim the loud cry. And no, I am not being redundant on this topic. If you study prophecy you know that the Loud Cry has begun and the message is about to get VERY loud globally. Once the Latter Rain falls more abundantly it will be an amazing movement of the Lord’s Holy Spirit and a very powerful message that will bring in all the souls riding the fence between truth and lies. Satan knows this better than anyone because as it says in Revelation 12:12, “..he knoweth that he hath but a short time.”  

Since the dying god of the lost knows all too well about the signs of the times, he knows Jesus is soon to return. That’s bad for him yes, but his main issue is to focus on his trophy case. In it are literally billions of souls that obey him and trust his lies more than the truth handed them on a silver platter by the Lord that loved them first and created them. And so he knows just how dangerous free speech is when it comes to Christians having the ability to speak about Christ and His love for all of mankind, not to mention the prophecies that confirm His soon arrival.

On my “Rome’s WAR against FREE SPEECH” page on the site I share a growing number of articles and videos showing how the dying god of Rome is doing all he can to lock down every avenue he can find that allows Christians to speak freely of their faith. One of the more obvious attacks that only an obedient student of prophecy can catch is how Satan ignites the flames of hate in all of the false religions from Catholicism to Islam so as to cultivate the reason to police hate speech on and offline.

The Vatican will not (until later) openly declare laws need to be passed that can cause certain Christians to shut up because it would cause an outrage and hey would lose precious ground in their morality masquerade. So, they focus on the real religious hate speech at present and pass the necessary laws to outlaw it so that when the Loud Cry gets REAL loud some of the more lukewarm Christians will decide not to share their faith out of fear of being jailed under the stringent hate speech laws. In short, that’s all we see them doing here in the UK with their attempts at locking down every Christian that has truth to share. As big as they are and as globally powerful as Rome and their cohorts may appear when they work towards a common goal against Christ; remember how easily Goliath lost his head that fateful day.

This is our God! He will fight for us!


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