960x0“Only after the ice age ended and the current interglacial began, about 20,000 to 12,000 years ago, would the environmental conditions arise that would allow for the type of farming that can support civilizations. And only after the interglacial began, with its milder conditions, could human populations grow to the point where hunter-gathering starts to become insufficient at providing enough food for the increased number of mouths, and the consequences of population pressure (famine, territorial conflict, etc) start making early farming and civilization a more appealing option for some previously hunter-gathering societies to think about adopting.” –Source

If this wasn’t so sad, so very annoying and so scientifically idiotic I would be rolling on the floor laughing uncontrollably. If you read this article, or at least read the paragraph that shares a plethora of possibilities they share to teach evolution you’re bound to find it hilarious as I did. In this age of lying however, most will find it somewhat believable because lies have literally become the truth for most now. But when you read the excuses they share as to why they think the planet is much older than the Bible confirms, you get the feeling that you’re listening to a teenager from the 1970’s who was trying to one up one of his friends that just shared the previous tall tale by making up a new one with as much nonsense as possible.  

What gets me is that they actually admit there was an ice age anywhere from 12 to 20,000 years ago. Even though their admission is 10 to 6000 years off the mark, and it wasn’t an actual “ice age” as they define it, they have no choice but to admit there are no civilizations before that time striking their own claims that the earth is billions of years old and mankind residing on it at least hundreds of thousands of years. As we know, “real” scientists have already confirmed every aspect of creation, (see a growing lists of creationist facts here) as it is described in the Bible is in fact scientifically plausible. Plus, the admission of the “ice age” timing in the article is somewhat closer to reality than most realize. But all those insane stories as to why mankind was unable to farm or even gather in large numbers sounds like something a pathological liar would spew after a few beers to impress his buddies.

Still, the “ice age” concept does hold some water, but not in the way they will ever admit. What I mean is, as the Bible confirms, the planet is only 6000 years old. As science also confirms, before the flood of Noah we had a global temperature of around 65-70 degrees pole to pole. There was no ice to be found anywhere. But when the great deep burst forth it spewed hot water at least 20 miles high. Problem is, the frozen firmament placed there by our Creator in creation week to keep the planet at a constant temperature conducive to life, which was only 10 miles up, broke open and the waters from that firmament fell to earth as well. But now that the heat that was equalized globally escaped, and the fact it’s mighty cold 20 miles up, we all know how quickly hot water vaporizes instantly into ice crystals in extreme cold, so that means a large portion of that water that fell came down in massive snow dumps. That’s why they found Woolly Mammoths frozen solid standing up with fresh greens in their mouths. It happened so quick they had no way of escape. But to cover their tracks and add to the lie, the scientists added 6000, to 14,000 years to that date wherein the ice formed on the poles so as to further hide the fact that there was a global flood. In fact, my wife actually found the video I saw many years ago that came up “missing” somehow online of a man videotaping the inside of Noah’s Ark on top Mount Ararat. In other words, it was not melted away by erosion in another location as Ron Wyatt claimed before he died.

In any event, I though you all could use this article to show just how some scientists will go to great lengths at fabricating lies just so they can evangelize their Atheistic views to the people. Click here for a 2 part video series that explains in great detail how every aspect of a young earth is true and the folderol of a planet billions of years old is a bold faced lie designed to remove the loving Creator from the hearts of men.

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