img0240AA.JPG“As the U.S. Catholic bishops celebrate their 100th anniversary as an organized body, they look back at their previous century of work to help forecast what the next 100 years may bring.” –Source

I see no need to comment on the video other than to echo what the brother that sent the video to me stated. At 0:50 in the video Cardinal Dolan (ArchBishop of NY) says “it’s tough to forecast what the future is going to hold.” The only reason he says that is because as we all know Roman Catholic Popes, Cardinals, Bishops, Priests and Nuns do not read Bibles and so they do not know that Revelation 18 specifically states the forecast for the Catholic church is in fact absolute and utter destruction. And for those that do not believe me when I say they don’t read Bibles; see my Sola Scriptura page wherein they literally try to create doctrine out of thin air that declares the Bible is not to be trusted, see my words of the beast page wherein I have a section listing many quotes from the Vatican and its prelates where they declare in writing some rather hateful statements towards the Word of God as well as anyone that reads it, who they proclaim should “be destroyed.” 

But the video makes it clear via their title that they believe the Bishops of the Roman Catholic church are to be a “model for the world” and so to clarify just what that means, I will share a small list of literally tens of thousands of articles outlining the fruits of Roman Catholic bishops so as to illustrate how bad this world would be if in fact Rome was able to convince the people of the world to follow the lead of their Bishops dressed in Pagan robes. And no, I will not be limiting my findings to US Bishops for as we know all too well that whenever a Cardinal, Bishop, Priest or Nun are caught committing crimes, the Pope of the day quickly relocates them to other churches so as to protect them and their so called moral image.

DUI charge for future SF archbishop * Kansas City Catholic Bishop Robert Finn arrested for hiding child-porn, protecting child-abusers * High ranking Australian Catholic Bishop arrested on sex charges * China Arrests Catholic Bishop Appointed by the Vatican * Belgian Catholic bishop admits molesting boy * Vatican arrests former archbishop on child sex charges * U.S. Bishops Quietly Reinstate Accused Priests * VIDEO: Another Catholic Bishop Arrested on DUI charges * A TALE OF TWO BISHOPS * Untimely death of Navajo man leads to arrest of Catholic bishop * Vatican says Catholic bishops not compelled to report sex abuse * VIDEO: Worcester bishop faces DUI charge * Catholic Bishop Accused of Misusing $120,000, Having Secret Mistress Resigns After Protests by Priests * Catholic Archbishop of Adelaide Philip Wilson charged with concealing child sex abuse * Charles Leigh: Apostolic Catholic Church bishop arrested, accused of falsifying paperwork * French Catholic bishops accused of ‘covering-up sex abuses’ * Bishop pleads guilty to child porn charge * Vatican announces child porn charges against paedophile bishop * 2 Pa. bishops singled out for sex abuse cover-up

I could literally go on for hours on this but I will stop here for now. But for those that want more info on these and many more Catholic Bishops, click here for a website that has been logging them for years. And if you want a massive and growing list of thousands of Catholic priests in alphabetical order that were protected by these Bishops, go to

Additional Articles Confirming we are in the Last Days: 
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