nintchdbpict000404340019“Two nuns have been arrested in Colombia for allegedly torturing upward of 60 children under their care at a home dubbed a hell house by neighbors and local media. Sor Ines Perez and Rosa Elivra Trochez Joagui ran the Santa Clara Rebirth Home in the southwest Colombian city of Popayan. According to authorities, children in their care were repeatedly burned on their hands and had their heads shoved in toilets as a form of punishment. Authorities began an investigation after neighbors heard the children screaming and called police, according to El Tiempo. ” –Source

This has been going on since the Catholic church started. In fact they admit this in their ancient “Didache documents!” And so nothing has changed with this church. In fact, the Roman Catholic priesthood is 98% homosexual, when the AIDS crisis was at its peak Catholic priests were dying of AIDS 11 times greater than anyone else, that same priesthood killed hundreds of millions of Christians during the prophesied great tribulation Jesus spoke of, they often condone acts of blasphemy and debauchery, they teach their people to bloody their own bodies to satisfy their long prophesied blood lustthey build hospitals so as to kill the innocent children by legalized abortion, the Pope openly honors pro-abortion activists on camera, they molest the children of the families that attend their churches, when they get too violent with their child victims they bury them in mass graves on church grounds, they worship Satan inside Vatican walls, they even erect buildings in honor of Satan himself, they join hands with Islam to kill more Christians who actually salute the Popes on camera, they promote and puff up Nazi killers like Roman Catholic Emperor Adolph Hitler who killed anyone who was Jewish, black or real Christians and now they are once again caught red-handed torturing little children to satisfy their demon inspired hatred of the innocent lives that have been placed in their care.  

And keep in mind, there is a method to their madness. When society gets so bad and the calamities get  worse and worse; Antichrist will arrive claiming to be the Catholic version of Jesus. The Vatican will be used by Satan to convince all that everyone needs to clean up their act and stop all the sin so as to prevent God’s judgment falling upon them worldwide. Catholicism will be the means by which they will claim it can be done, and their long prophesied Sunday Sabbath will be Satan’s remedy to get everyone to help him supposedly clean up society, stop all the sin and please the Catholic Jesus to a point he will stop the calamites, when in fact they will get much worse. And since evil has become good and good evil as prophecy also predicted, the obedient people of God will be declared the reason the calamities are not stopping and because we refuse to keep the Catholic Sabbath of Sundayreligious laws will be passed and anyone refusing to keep Sunday holy will first prevented from buying and selling, and when the weak Christians are weeded out, the death penalty will come upon the strongest Christians in the world and then the plagues will fall.

I implore all obedient Christians to please warn those trapped in the harlot church and warn all the Government’s 501c3 churches that have built their image to the beast in Rome. Share with them the videosdoc filesprophetic facts and the tracts proving the man of sin has been revealed who has always been and always will be the Popes of the Roman Catholic church. For even in the Catholic church are people that will hear the voice of the Lord and leave this church before the plagues fall upon it and all that bow to it. Again I say warn them, for it is written in Romans 10:14, “How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?”

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