“The United Nations chief is warning global leaders that the world has never been more threatened and divided and “we face the greatest cascade of crises in our lifetime.” Guterres pointed to “supersized glaring inequalities” sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic, climate alarm bells “ringing at fever pitch,” upheavals from Afghanistan to Ethiopia and Yemen thwarting global peace, a surge of mistrust and misinformation “polarizing people and paralyzing societies” and human rights under fire.” – Source .

If you still think that the world is not coming to an end, read this and think again. If i had no faith in God, common sense would tell me just by looking at what is happening in the world right now that there is literally no promising future for mankind at this point. We are facing physical, mental, and spiritual downgrading and difficulties in every aspect of life:

🌽 – food is poisoned and genetically modified to make us sick and cloud our minds
💊 – pharmaceutical drugs are crippling our organisms and prolonging diseases
💉 – covid shot doesn’t help but makes things worse
🎬 – entertainment and music industry is corrupting our minds
📺 – the media are constantly lying to us about reality
🛸 – false conspiracy theories are keeping the people to look in the wrong direction
🖼 – art is downgrading and doesn’t uplift the mind
🏢 – architecture is simplified, lacking beauty
🎎 – cultural identity and heritage is being suppressed by race and culture mixing through mass immigration (kalergi plan)
💋 – nudity and perverseness is seen everywhere
👅 – pleasure promoting is aimed to hit all of our senses so we have a hard time to resist them
🤬 – hate is being promoted
⛈ – the weather is being controlled
⛓ – the system is making us to stay busy daily
🏦 – financial institutions are making us to be in debt and pay more
⚒ – Marxism is being promoted worldwide
🚫 – cashless society is being formed worldwide which will make us more vulnerable because they will just deny you access to your money with a snap of a finger when need be
👁 – we’re constantly being monitored online and offline and it will be worse than it is now
💬 – free speech is becoming limited
🔫 – large scale military movements like never before are happening all around the world making countries more stirred
👶 – children (which are deemed to be the nations future) are brainwashed by being exposed to modern left political agendas at schools
⛪️ – churches are drenched with corruption
📖 – the Bible, which teaches love is being labeled as hate speech
🕊 – God is kicked out from everything

Only faith in God and His promises give me hope for a bright future at this point.

But if this still somehow doesn’t persuade your mind to the fact that the world is ending, know this:

Right now we have lockdowns and restrictions because of covid, but soon they will switch the narrative to climate change. They will impose climate lockdowns to curb the climate crisis and they will promote Sunday as a sabbath, a day of rest for humanity and the Earth. How can i be sure about that? Because the Bible prophecy is that accurate. The prophesied mark of the beast which is Sunday laws will soon come into effect and then Christ will come back. When you’ll finally see more talks about the need of keeping Sunday as a day of rest for the Earth, as a moral obligation to not destroy the planet, know that the redemption of His faithful people is nigh, even at the door. 🚪

I implore you, whoever you are to learn more about this subject and come to repentance before Jesus returns.
See this link for the compilation of much-needed info:
👉 https://t.me/BIBLETruthChannel/144 👈
If for some reason you don’t want to take action right now i hope you will change your mind and do it later when you’ll see that what you just read here concerning Sunday laws was true.

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