Remember this video I did back in March or this video I did back in May of this year regarding the COP27 meetings in November? As students of prophecy we know all about how religious leaders will use their church and state powers in all nations to lobby for and then enforce Sunday laws using the excuse that in so doing will stop all the disasters they claim are the end result of climate change but the Bible calls the final signs of Christ’s return.

Many in the Seventh Day Remnant movement (SDR) have been keeping an eye on this for many years. So much so I have a massive article and video list located here on my main website.

What I am about to share may awaken some of the scoffers who have said for years we will never see religious laws even though prophecy is quite clear on this. In fact, every time you see the mark of the beast mentioned in prophecy the word “WORSHIP” is right there with it. This is actually why all the world’s religious leaders will be gathering in November of this year.

Soon, all these apostate preachers that already created an image to the beast system in Rome, which in the USA is confirmed fulfilled by the 501c3 church & state contract they all signed unto; these church leaders will soon use their church & state power to force as many as they can to obey them over and above the Creator God by passing a law that makes them unable to buy and sell unless they keep SUNday holy. (See Revelation 13:17)

As soon as they weed out all the weak Christians, they will need to increase pressure designed to force the obedient remnant Christians who still refuse to disobey the God they love. These government approved preachers will then use their church & state power to “speak” (legislate) and “cause” (enforce) a law that will make it legal to kill the obedient Christians that refuse to bow the man-made Sabbath of the Pope. This prophecy located in Revelation 13:15 says they will eventually pass a Bill allowing for worldwide Christian genocide in all nations. After passing the Bill, they will then set a date to have them killed all over the world in the exact same way it all went down in the book of Esther. That’s the prophecy known as “the one hour with the beast” wherein the Pope becomes the leader of the New World Order that every serious Christian needs to study up on as that hour is coming very soon seeing how the Pope is already setting dates for it.

Notice this PDF file that is being sent to many Roman controlled preachers the world over. (BTW – if they change, archive or delete it, not to worry, I now have it on my server located here.) On top of all this Newsweek actually posted an article titled “For Our Sin of Emissions: 10+1 Climate Commandments.”

That all being said, let’s take a look at their globally broadcast PDF invitation. It’s a short invite and so this won’t take too long.

“Between November 6th and 18th, 2022, the UN climate conference COP 27 will take place on the Sinai Peninsula, in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt Religious communities and religious leaders have a key role to play in addressing climate change and climate justice, which requires deep transformation within society. The knowledge of what changes are critically needed to diminish longterm harm to the planet is readily available. However, bringing about change in action demands deeper changes in attitude, a change of heart. This has been the domain of religions for millennia. Religions are sources of inspiration for the transformation of heart and the ensuing changes of attitude.”

Stopping here for a moment we see that besides the fact that well over 30,000 scientists proved in writing that the Pope’s global warming claims were bad science, meaning the handful of bought and paid for Vatican scientists who are mostly Jesuits are confirmed liars with a political agenda; I am sure that these very same words were used at the start of the Inquisition of the Roman Catholic church during that prophesied 1260 year rampage that saw 500,000,000 Christians killed for refusing to bow to the Popes of Rome. Continuing…

“On Sunday, November 13th , religious leaders will return to Mount Sinai, a mountain whose memory and meaning loom large as a place of revelation in the collective consciousness of Christianity, Judaism, Islam and others. It is a site for turning to God and receiving God’s message.”

Stopping here I have to say first and foremost, the Creator God will not be present that day. Claiming He will speak from the mount will fail in the same way the prophets of Baal failed when they tried to get their false god to speak from mount Carmel in Elijah’s day. (See 1Kings 18:19-36)

Those religious leaders that will be gathering that day do not keep His law proving they have not the promised Holy Spirit within that was to write God’s law “on the fleshly tables of the heart” as Paul puts it in 2 Corinthians 3:3. The fact they are gathering on the long prophesied day of the Pagan Sun gods of Rome and not the true Sabbath of the Creator God proves there’s not a true Christian or any religious leader in the group. In fact, as Jesus declared in Matthew 24:11, these are some of the “many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.” (See my video on this)

Continuing, the Vatican contrived invite says…

“We return to Sinai in a movement of repentance and quest. We seek a new vision for humanity and its endangered existence, and we seek to receive and amplify a message of life sustaining living and habits that humanity needs to hear today. In this spirit, the project partners will bring together premier religious leaders from the world’s major religions to gather upon Mount Sinai to engage in a first ever Climate Repentance Ceremony, and to put forth a prophetic interreligious call to action: “Climate Justice: Ten Universal Commandments.”

Return to Sinai? They, nor their forefathers were ever at Mount Sinai. If they were children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob they would not be seeking God at Sinai while worshipping on the Vatican’s admitted SUNday Sabbath. They would be there in true repentance seeking to obey His law. They would be meeting to save souls and not the very planet that Pagans are known to worship along with the Sun, the moon and the stars.

And by the way, for those that believe SUNday laws are not going to happen, explain why they are meeting at Mount Sinai. The Popes has been very vocal about demanding all break God’s law so as to keep their law for centuries. They’ve even put their boastful demands in writing. One such quote out of many says, “The Bible says, Remember that thou keep holy the Sabbath day. The Catholic church says, No! By my divine power I abolish the Sabbath day, and command you to keep the first day of the week. And lo, the entire civilized world bows down in reverent obedience to the command of the holy Catholic church!” -Father Enright, C.S.S.R. of the Redemptoral College, Kansas City, History of the Sabbath, p. 802

And as for their claim this is all prophetic. They’re 100% correct; but not in any good way whatsoever. For not only will they refuse to give a single Bible verse to prove their gathering is prophetic; students of prophecy do see this as a prophetic event indeed. See my “Climate Change will lead to the MARK” page when you get time. I have all sorts of evidence for you to look over regarding how prophecy says they are doing this so as to gain the power to enforce the long prophesied religious laws that Scripture calls the mark of the beast.

And for those that don’t think they have all their ducks in a row that will allow them to enforce these laws in every nation on earth, check out my blog when you get time wherein I show how every aspect of the PLANdemic allowed for them to not only lock down society from the banks to the schools, they also have the ability to track every person on the planet. For a quick summary, see my 5 minute video about the Pope’s fingerprints all over the PLANdemic. Continuing it says…

“The call’s originality in compiling the finest teachings of all religions in support of climate justice draws inspiration from the great prophetic figures associated with Mount Sinai. Teachings and spiritual ideals will be highlighted, in order to help religious communities and humanity at large open their hearts to change for our collective survival. The ceremony will draw from liturgies, readings and the musical traditions of diverse religions. The event will incorporate concrete examples of how religious communities are actively meeting the climate challenge, and feature concrete initiatives that translate the broader spiritual practices into action.”

In other words, they are about to vindicate every single student of prophecy in the Seventh Day Remnant movement that has been declaring for decades how they will use climate change to con all national leaders into enforcing SUNday laws. Their listed goals confirms this hands down. Check it out…

“Goals of the Event

  • Inspire and unleash the power of religions, religious leaders and faith communities as change agents for climate action and as sources for inspiring and motivating discussions among politicians and civil bodies.
  • Motivate action among religious communities and the wider public to curb climate change.
  • Invite media to cover religious leaders’ advocacy in combating climate change.
  • Promote a coalition of religious leaders to work together for climate action.
  • Generate new faith-inspired climate education materials for broad use

If you read on you will see they plan to have Hollywood celebrities known for their climate change activism and so I wonder how many under their web of deception will catch the fact that this is in no way to be considered “religious” in nature. Unless of course their true religion is in fact Paganism, as every student of the Bible knows; this is actually what we’re looking at here.

And so, as prophesied, all the world has wondered after the beast in Rome which we all know is Pagan to the core. This is why so many operatives from the Vatican have been trying to promote an Anti-Paul agenda seeing how he was the Apostle called of God to preach to the Gentiles back then as well as today. See two videos I did on this recently to see what I mean.

As for their list of partners? They’re all part of the Pope’s long prophesied ecumenical agenda that was given life in the 1960’s during the Vatican II council.

The Latter Rain is soon to fall upon ONLY the obedient remnant people. Soon we will go out to proclaim globally what the mark of the beast truly is. Therefore, this Climate Change fiasco is merely based on trying to hide the fact that Christ is coming a LOT sooner than even they realize.

It is the prayer of this ministry, as well as everyone in the SDR movement that you will come to know Lord Jesus as Saviour, Creator and King so as to have the eyes that see, ears to hear and a heart that understands what’s already begun in these final days.

One last thing:
If the prophecy about SUNday laws is bogus as some still claim, why are they doing EXACTLY as prophecy said they would do?

SOURCE: Prophecy In The News by PoGM Blog