The article went on to state:

“In the early labor movement, a broad and diverse base of religious people found common cause around Sabbath laws. These laws (often called blue laws) are now usually seen as examples of antiquated, puritanical, even theocratic impulses: prim religious people running around trying to make sure no one enjoys a beer on a Sunday afternoon. Advocates of Sabbatarianism, however, saw their work as an act of resistance to greed and a fight for the laborer.”

“A key issue in the burgeoning industrialist economy of the North was the preservation of time for worship, rest and family life to preserve the dignity of the worker. They looked to Sabbath laws, in part, to help achieve this.”

“Keeping the Sabbath wasn’t merely a religious observance but served a civic function. It was a practical way, through time itself, to treat workers as valuable humans with whole lives to be lived.”

Take away the Sabbath and you destroy the most humane and democratic institution,” which is made particularly for “the man of labor and toil, of poverty and sorrow.”

(A side note from SLAC: when the writer of this article says “sabbath” they are meaning Sunday – which is not the true sanctified sabbath day, but rather a tradition of worship passed down from antiquity)

Sunday Laws (the Mark of the Beast) are much closer than people realize! Please, get right with the Lord today while you still have the chance

Amos 4:12 KJV
“…prepare to meet thy God, O Israel.”

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