A government agency in Germany has announced a new scheme that will see power suppliers able to remotely limit home heating and electric car charging. Germany’s Federal Network Agency, a government watchdog responsible for the regulation of electricity and gas in the country, has announced a new plan that will allow power grid operators to remotely limit the use of heat pumps and electric car chargers in Germany next winter without the user’s permission. With the plans set to be put in place by January 2024, the measure has been described as a way of ensuring energy grid operators have the ability to artificially curb electricity demand should consumption outstrip supply. According to a report on the new scheme penned by Die Welt, the plan has been drawn up in response to the German energy grid being put under more and more strain by an increasing number of electric car chargers and people using more ‘environmentally friendly’ but electricity-intense heat pumps in their homes… According to a report by Politico, researchers believe that the country’s aim of having 15 million battery vehicles in operation by 2030 is ultimately a “pipe dream”, with one professor suggesting the final figure will end up being less than half that.” – Source.

As we see government like Germany for this instance advocate “new scheme” to control the basic necessity of people, we can see how the socialist agenda of the Vatican will be fulfilled as prophesied. In fact, Pope Francis Shows His Hand, Adopts “Great Reset” Slogan which confirms he is really behind all these plans to enforce the mark of the beast, first in the USA then throughout the globe.

Now, the year 2030 is significant because Satan is moving the Pope to have his one world government in that year. So if this year coincides with our Lord’s divine plan, then we have only few time left to prepare our hearts and get ready for our Saviour’s return.

Are you ready? Are you sure?!

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