Bills provide for imprisonment for those who doubt vaccines in Brazil

Six bills in the Brazilian Congress criminalize everything from cutting in line to receive a vaccine to people who spread “fake news” about how vaccines work. Authored by Senator Angelo Coronel (PSD), PL 5555/2020 foresees the inclusion in the Criminal Code of imprisonment for one to three years for people who omit or oppose the mandatory vaccination of children or adolescents in a “public health emergency”. The project also criminalizes, with a penalty of two to eight years in prison, people who refuse to take the mandatory doses of vaccines. The same punishment also applies to those who spread “false news” about the vaccines or how they work. If the individual is a public employee, the penalty is doubled. The PL had its procedures updated in December 2022. At the time, it went through the Legislative Secretariat of the Federal Senate and had its continuity confirmed. The proposal was discussed again on social networks this month when the Senate website conducted a poll about the bill. The proposal was rejected by 92% of the people who answered the questions.” – Source.

Meanwhile in UK, those who “raised doubts about the official pandemic response through their social media activities” are placed under government surveillance according to Breitbart news – Report: British Army Tracked, Monitored Lockdown Critics. UK coronavirus lockdown critics and sceptics were placed under government surveillance using the opaque resources of the country’s military, a report Sunday alleges.”

We already have overwhelming numbers of documented evidences that the pandemic was all planned, and that the vaccine is the cause of many people dying suddenly, and even doctors are now refusing the shots. In fact, the elites are choosing unvaccinated pilots for safety. Now, the vaccines is being pushed by government to “criminalize” those who refuse taking it, as well as targeting those who “raise doubts” about it. No, the vaccine is not the “mark” but it is now being used by the “god of dung” as experiment in order to find the real Christians who refuse to take it and this will be similar when the mark of the Vatican beast will be enforced!

Yes, religious laws are coming and the final test is soon to come! Are you ready? Are you sure?!

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