Socialism, Open Borders, Fighting Aged Men, Gangs

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Prophecy declares that the first beast of Revelation, the home of the AntiChristthe Vatican, will use Socialism to enforce its long prophesied Mark of the Beast upon the world. They have to use Socialism because it is the only governmental structure which allows for the final ten kingdoms on earth to exist at all. Both the pope, as well as all those who serve him, are seeking for ultimate power and control. Make no mistake, they WILL get it … but only for about 15 days.

What the Vatican needs right now is a voting bloc that will support them in whatever they do. To that end, the most powerful tool in the Vatican arsenal is the Second Beast of Revelation, the United States. The US is prophesied to lead the way in the enforcement of the Vatican Mark and will use everything from climate change to sexual depravity to make it happen. The US must remain the most powerful and influential nation on earth in order to accomplish the will of the Vatican. That’s precisely why you see Western culture being so pervasive in even the most remote regions of earth.

The might and power of the US military combined with the overshadowing influence of its media both serve to convince (through force or otherwise) the world into submitting to, and worshiping, the popes of Rome.

Just look at the 501c3 contract for a perfect example of how the US moves churches and people into the lap of Rome. This country is supposed to have a separation of church and state. Yet the 501c3, otherwise known as the prophesied image of the beast, became a thing without any of the church leaders or anyone else saying a word against it. In a nutshell, the 501c3 uses the snare of money to keep all churches who carry it from speaking about prophetic truths on the pulpit … but most importantly, the 501c3 combines that church with the state … something which directly opposes the Word of God and the US Constitution.

But since Christian churches the world over have fallen into apostasy, their understanding of prophecy is lacking, to say the least. They neither understand doctrine nor prophecy, though they feign themselves as able ministers of both. To understand prophecy, one must first submit totally and completely to the Lord. Through that submission, careful and diligent study of the Scriptures becomes a daily habit. And through that study, the Lord then reveals the truth of doctrine and prophecy.

The problem is every Protestant and SDA church has fallen back into bed with Rome and now supports the doctrines and commandments of men rather than the Commandments of God. Why else do you suppose that every Protestant church keeps the Roman Catholic Sunday instead of keeping the 4th Commandment of the Lord our God?

Because of their blatant disobedience, the church leaders today are unable to see what is happening prophetically. They cannot see the truth about the false reformation movement, nor can they see the devastating consequences of accepting the Roman Sunday in complete rejection of the Law of God. To that end, they can neither see the overall importance of what is going on with the border crisis here and abroad.

As stated earlier, the Vatican needs a voting bloc in the US if its Mark is going to be enforced in the soon-to-come future. What better group of people would vote for Vatican policies except Catholics? And so, the flood of people coming across the southern border is intentional since the overwhelming majority of Mexicans, Central Americans, and South Americans are Catholic. This is why you witness many Roman Catholic shrines and tattoos amongst the gang members coming across the border. Just take a look at the following pictures to see what I mean.

Take special note about the picture above … it is a shrine to the patron saint of death.

Catholic gang members from 18th Street and MS-13 along with cartel members from Los Zetas, Sinaloa, CJNG, and many others are now very prevalent on the streets of the US. Yes, they had a presence before, but now they are here in mass numbers. And just in case you are unaware, they are EXTREMELY and FANATICALLY loyal to their gangs.

The Vatican needs these people to come and support Catholic policies in the voting booth. But what many do not realize is that these people are also needed as soldiers on the streets to ENFORCE Catholic policies. The bloodthirsty fruits of the Roman Catholic Vatican are easily seen in how these gang and cartel members treat human life, like in the story of the very first picture in this article. Have you ever noticed how the vast majority of people entering the country are males of fighting age?

All of this serves the purpose of legislating and enforcing the Mark of the Vatican beast. Don’t allow yourself to be deceived … Christian prophecy is 100% accurate! It never has failed, nor will it ever fail. Religious laws WILL come to pass. Sunday keeping WILL be enforced. And only those who stand in obedience to the Lord Almighty will stand the test.

Are you ready for our Saviour’s return? MARANATHA!

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