Why Israel?

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Soon there will be very few obedient Sabbath keeping Christians left on earth. Can you see a pattern in all that’s happening?

As we all know, what’s happening between Israel and Hamas has been all over the news lately and most that are seeing all that can’t seem to see the forest for the trees once again. But then that’s to be expected thanks to the prophecy of Matthew 24:11 fulfilling right before our eyes wherein 99.9% of the pastors and preachers out there are the “many false prophets” Jesus warned us about. They are preaching so many strange theories and downright fabricated prophecies confirming the prophesied lot they stand in, which of course is not good. But then, the other prophecies of Isaiah 4:1 and Amos 8:11 have fulfilled confirming that not only are most “Christians” today preferring to echo their pastors or their creeds instead of studying on their own, the pastors themselves are echoing their apostate teachers that ordained them.

This so-called war between Israel and Hamas is nothing more than a distraction designed to keep their real agenda well-hidden once again, not to mention the final prophecies that are fulfilling.

Let me share just a few valid points here that may clear this up for some who are on the fence between bogus and biblical prophetic fact. And just so you know, it may seem a bit odd on how I’m explaining this for some; but stay with me on this one. I promise, most of you will come to see the entire “forest” (big picture) after I share a few important “trees.” (points)

As most know, the Jews are considered Sabbath keepers, even though the reality is they are not Sabbath keepers at all. Case in point, if they were still keeping the biblical seventh day Sabbath, two things never would have happened in recent days.

#1, this war between Israel and Hama never would have started on the Sabbath of October 07, 2023 wherein many Jews were killed because all of the Jews killed that day would have been home keeping Sabbath and safe from harm.

#2, if the Jews truly did honor God’s law each week on His eternal Sabbath as so many think they do, they never would have passed a law back in April of 2017 allowing their citizens to legally break the Sabbath of the Creator God each and every week. Proof? See this video.

With all that in mind, let’s take a look at the next tree in this forest of reality.

As most also know, Muslims do not keep the Sabbath. They claim Friday as their holy day which further confirms they do not worship the same God of the Bible they and the SDA leaders claim is “Allah.” 

Next we see that not only do Catholics refuse to keep the seventh day Sabbath holy, they claimed to had the power to change it 2000 years ago, even though there is no historic record of them attempting to do back then. It wasn’t until the Bishop of Rome joined hands with Constantine in 321AD to enforce the very first Sunday laws proving, all Christians at that time did in fact keep the Seventh Day Sabbath holy for 3 centuries before Rome and Constantine came up with the plan. 

What Rome “christened” as a “Jewish Sabbath” in 321AD to try and convince most Christians into following their lead by claiming the Sabbath was only for the Jews even though Angels kept the Sabbath long before a Jew was ever born. (Not to mention Adam and Eve keeping it)

As also prophesied, as soon as Rome gained her “church and state” power in 538AD, those Sabbath keeping Christians that refused to bow to the Pope’s spurious Sabbath law which they knew would cause them to break God’s eternal law, they were persecuted, tortured and killed for the next 1260 years just as prophet’s Daniel and John predicted. In fact, in John Foxe’s book of Martyrs, he records 500 million Christians were slaughtered by Rome during that time.

Suffice it to say, very few Sabbath keeping Christians were left at the end of all that. But then there is a God in Heaven that protects His children and as prophesied in Matthew 20:1-7 and confirmed in Revelation 12:17, the Lord did eventually move upon a group of obedient Christians later on who would keep the Sabbath of the Creator God once again. They eventually adopted the name “Seventh Day Adventists.” (SDA)

But as also prophesied, these modern day Sabbath keeping Christians would be persecuted and attacked but this time in a different manner so as to hide Rome’s fingerprints, as they had not the power to kill as readily as before.  Instead, the SDA’s were stealthily infiltrated by the Jesuits of Rome to eventually become “Roman Catholic SDAs” as they are known by those with obedient eyes that can see this prophetic fulfillment today. In fact, they have walked so far away from the Creator God that on top of all their strange new doctrines and agreements with Rome as well as their open and obvious embrace of the church and state beast system, they literally have in operation right now dozens of SDA churches keeping Sunday holy so as to be able to stay in business when the mark of the beast is enforced against all Sabbath keepers in the coming days.

Have you noticed a pattern in all this?

Anyone on earth that’s been known at one time to have acknowledged God’s holy day or have actually kept the seventh day Sabbath holy, have all together stopped keeping the true seventh day Sabbath holy. That’s no mistake! In fact, it was prophesied to happen and come to a head in our day. Now yes, the Jews and the SDA’s still claim to be Sabbath keepers; but it is by their well-documented fruits we now know them to be liars. They do not keep Sabbath holy at all.

Now notice this.

Just as the plandemic and the so-called vaccine were used to build the prophesied infrastructure needed on a global basis that allowed all the governments to put in place laws to track every Christian on earth as well as the means to prevent buying and selling for when they put into effect such laws when enforcing the mark. Which by the way they are right now starting talking points on passing laws to help Christians to keep “Sunday” as a Sabbath. Check it out, it’s called Project 2025. These unjust laws during the so-called pandemic were used to test the strength of their powers globally. And now that they know it works, they are moving forward as “Project 2025” confirms.

Do you recall how some businesses in your area would not allow employees to come to work and get paid unless they wore a mask or got the jab? That was to test their ability to “legally” prevent money from being in the hands of  those people they will eventually tag as “dissenters” when the mark is eventually enforced. Which, if things keep going as they plan will be within just a few years.

Do you also recall how some stores did the very same thing as the local businesses di so as to help test the strength of their new “financial control” system that prevents anyone refusing to wear a mask or get the jab to enter their stores to buy anything at all, including food? Both the businesses and the stores literally set up a system that will prevent buying and selling of any and all dissenters exactly as prophesied in Revelation 13:17. Only now, in the coming days, instead of forcing everyone to wear a mask or get a shot; no one will be able to buy and sell anything unless they agree to break God’s holy law, and especially what God calls “my holy day” in Isaiah 58:13-14.

Satan knows he has control over the Jews in how they break the Sabbath each and every week in obedience to him and denial of God Himself. He also knows he got all the Catholics and so-called Protestants to break God’s holy Sabbath as well each week. And this includes the SDA’s who claim to be Sabbath keepers, while at the same time continue to keep Sunday holy to appease the Pope they actually send some of their tithe to. But praise the Lord Satan also knows there is one small group of Christians still out there that love the Lord and still keep the Sabbath of the Creator God holy each and every week because we know there is not a single Bible verse from Genesis to Revelation that says God changed the Sabbath to Sunday and according to Isaiah 8:20 when it comes “To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.” And so the obedient remnant will stand firm in Christ and that is where Satan’s main target is today. And yes, that is why as Revelation 12:17 says he is making war with us, the remnant, and he’s only angry at the “woman” who gave him grief in the 9th hour.

It is no mistake that even though the Jews did not start this current war, people in many nations around the world, including the USA, are right now protesting and wailing in abject hatred of the Jews for defending themselves. And no, that which is happening to the Jews is not prophetic, unless of course you count the long prophesied judgments upon them since denying Christ as Messiah. But some still think and preach this somehow means they are to be considered the chosen people because even though both Old Testament and New Testament Bible verses confirm, the Jews are not considered to be “the Israel of God” anymore, most Christians today are still trusting the “many false prophets” they call pastors today, they are completely in the dark on this one because such biblical truth cannot be proclaimed by these grievous wolves as it will upset their dying god who demands they bow in blasphemous worship so as to keep money flowing to them.

What’s happening all over the world is what Satan planned all along as he and his man of sin hate anyone that believes the Bible and the God that wrote it. Satan is right now using his power over the masses to make sure they follow his lead to hate the Jews they think are Sabbath keepers for a reason. He need to makes sure they will emulate his hate no matter who he directs them to hate in the coming days when only a few are left still keeping Sabbath holy. That means, and this was prophesied; soon ANYONE keeping the true and eternal seventh day Sabbath holy each week will be hated with a passion cultivated by Satan’s hate. This is exactly how it will happen because no one can change Christian prophecy!


That all being said; can you now see Satan’s long prophesied agenda against the Seal of God? Basic reality is, since he’s already gotten all the Jews and nearly every Christian on earth to obey him in keeping Sunday holy instead of the seventh day Sabbath of the Creator God so as to shift worship to himself (Satan) instead of the ever living God in Heaven, the only ones left that Satan has to deal with now on earth are the obedient people of God within the global Seventh Day Remnant home church movement.

Have you been able to, or have you even started to make his paths straight for the coming of the Lord?

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