“DISEASE X” — new global pandemic not “if” but “when” according to WHO at WEF Summit 2024

According to news headline on January 17, 2024, “The Secretary-General of the WHO has indicated that a new “Disease X” pandemic will certainly occur. During a WEF event entitled “Preparing For Disease X,” (See below snippet) Who head Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus said it is a “matter of when, not “if” for a new unknown disease to emerge… Although COVID came immediately, we were preparing for COVID-like diseases. you may even call COVID the first ‘Disease X’. The description of the event on the WEF website states that “Disease X” could lead to “20 times more fatalities than the coronavirus pandemic.”

It further says that “According to a Sky News report from August 2023, U.K. scientists are already developing vaccines for a potential future pandemic caused by an unknown “Disease X” in a secret government laboratory. If the mysterious “Disease X” breaks out, the plan is to develop a vaccine within 100 days, according to the head of the U.K. Health Security Agency.”

Click the snippet from the WEF site on the left. Note that the session is also linked to the “Collaborative Surveillance Initiative of the World Economic forum.”

Please also note that “Disease X” was adopted by the WHO in February 2018 to represent a “hypothetical, unknown pathogen that could cause a future pandemic as reported in November 2023.

Its interesting to note also that in June 2023, a bill was introduced in US Congress entitled H.R.3832 – Disease X Act of 2023. Click snippet below.

Bible prophecy states that the Vatican will use “sorceries” to deceive the world through governments of nations and power elites.

Revelation 18:23 “… for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.”

The word “sorceries” means pharmacy, the use or the administering of drugs, or poisoning.

As Bible students, we already knew for the past years now that the “powers that be” created the Covid-19 crisis to set up the infrastructure needed to enforce the soon coming mark of the beast using the pope’s climate change agenda. You have witnessed how all nations were on the same page with the planned-demic and how they controlled individual’s freedom. The experiment was tried, and it worked! Those who oppose it have been “persecuted.” Now they may easily choose the right time “when” to exercise power over the world to restrict religious liberty and compel everyone to obey religious laws that will break God’s law.

When that time comes, we can also say with the apostles in Acts 5:29, “We ought to obey God rather than men.”

Are you ready? Are you sure!?

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