Survey finds Jews, Catholics America’s most-liked religious groups

graphDespite a contentious U.S. election in which religion played a major role, as well as the continuing scourge of religious-inspired terrorism worldwide, a new survey finds that Americans have warming attitudes towards virtually all major religious groups in the country.

The new Pew Research Center survey, released Wednesday, finds that Jews and Catholics get the highest ratings on a “feeling thermometer,” with a mean rating of 67 and 66 respectively on a thermometer that ranges from 0 to 100.

Mainline Protestants were just behind at 65. Evangelical Christians finished at 61, Buddhists 60, Hindus 58, Mormons 54, atheists 50 and Muslims 48. Even the relatively low ratings for atheists and Muslims, however, represent increases over the last such survey in June 2014.   Continue reading