Order of Malta snubs Pope Francis, dismissing as ‘irrevelant’ a Vatican inquiry into the sacking of a senior Knight

JS116655498_AFP_FILES-This-file-photo-taken-on-June-23-large_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqpiVx42joSuAkZ0bE9ijUnGH28ZiNHzwg9svuZLxrn1UAn ancient chivalric order led by a British former Guards officer has dismissed as “irrelevant” an investigation launched by Pope Francis into the dismissal of a senior knight, in an increasingly bitter row with the Vatican.

 The Pope announced before Christmas that he had set up a commission of inquiry into a controversial decision by the head of the Order of Malta, Cambridge-educated Matthew Festing, to sack one of his deputies, Albrecht von Boeselager.

Mr von Boeselager, a German aristocrat whose title was Grand Chancellor, was accused of allowing a branch of the charitable organisation to distribute tens of thousands of condoms in Myanmar, in contravention of Catholic teaching.

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Order of Malta leader professes loyalty to Pope Francis amid Vatican investigation

pa-20196555-800x500Fra’ Matthew Festing said the Order would follow the Pope at this ‘complex and difficult time’

The leader of the Order of Malta has promised Pope Francis his loyalty, as the Order faces an investigation by the Vatican over a recent controversy.

In a letter to mark the World Day of Peace, Fra’ Matthew Festing, the organisation’s Grand Master, told Pope Francis: “the Order … even in a difficult and complex time, seeks to render its service in closely adhering to the teaching of the Church and the directions which come from the Successor to St Peter.”   Continue reading