arcan-cetin“A pattern has emerged, repeating itself after almost every new terrorist attack committed on U.S. soil. The connection to Islam is initially ignored, then downplayed as mere coincidence. The attacker’s motive is either “unknown” or cannot be “speculated” about, according to local law enforcement. It happened again Friday night when Arcan Cetin, a 20-year-old Muslim immigrant from Turkey, shot and killed five people at the cosmetics counter of a Macy’s store inside a mall in Burlington, Washington. Investigators said they didn’t know what Cetin’s motive could have been. KIRO TV in Seattle reported that authorities had “no indication the shootings were a terrorist act.” And by Monday night Savannah Guthrie, anchoring NBC Nightly News, said “The motive is still a mystery.” –Source

Two things have become very apparent here. #1, they are doing all they can to hide the fact that Muslims are doing exactly as they promised to do once they got on US soil. For literally years we have heard them chant “death to America” over and over again in foreign nations and now on our own city streets. And we know all too well about their daily attack on anyone in the Middle East that claim the same God Americans do and that being of course the Christian God. Well.. at least in some cases the one this nation was founded on that is. Today the so called “Christian God” of America is nothing more than a watered down version of the Jesus of the Bible and a more sure fit of the Roman Catholic Pagan god called “Jesus.”  

And #2, the only other reason that appears obvious is that the politicians that bowed to Rome and took in who knows how much money to “look the other way” while they cracked our borders wide open to let in tens of millions of illegals from the Roman Catholic faith, which then allowed all sorts of Muslims to gain entry in the same way for years now and of course the recent “sanctuary cities” wherein actual Muslims were placed inside each of at least 276 cities no matter how much the people in those cities complained. This is somewhat embarrassing for those politicians that bowed to Rome that are playing the pro-immigrant card because common sense has finally come home to roost and now that they have egg on their shirt they will do all they can to keep this covered up. And so, a Muslim praising Allah who kills Americans in a Mall will then be painted as an illegal Hispanic so as to keep Rome’s agenda moving ahead nicely.

But.. there’s a problem with that idea.

Lies always hit the floor and truth can never be stopped no matter how trivial some may assume it is. Eventually the truth will get out, as we now see this most recent Muslim terrorist has been outed and the already untrusted media takes another hit for lying on camera to keep the truth hidden. What amazes me is how easy it was to prove the media was lying when they claimed he was “Hispanic” after some confirmed he actually came from Turkey and was praising Allah all over his Tumblr page before his Vatican inspired rampage of death and destruction. One thing about lying is.. you can never count on all those involved to stay on the same page. That’s what so attractive about being a Christian among like-minded brethren. If you stay obedient, your fruit remains apparent. And if you become disobedient, your fruit becomes apparently rotten 

So.. why is this happening here?

No matter who has to be the one to clean the egg off their shirts and no matter how many innocent Americans have to deal with the death of a loved one who is killed in a nightclub or mall; Rome will make sure her well indoctrinated henchmen will make it unto America soil in droves to do her bidding just as the brown shirts did for her in more than one nation in World War II. That means, before the “peaceful invasion” is able to get them in the country in large numbers and strategic points, they will continue to keep as much as possible under the rug when the occasional demoniac jumps the gun before Rome drops the other shoe. In short.. it’s a different generation yes; but the same beast is still spewing its long prophesied fumes.

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