internet“The issue is that participants in reader forums often post copyrighted material, such as an image or an article. Under the current law, as part of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, website owners are protected from massive monetary liability based on the actions of their users if they meet the law’s requirements, such as accepting notifications of copyright conflicts and taking part in a notice-and-takedown procedure for complaints. …EFF warned that the little guys will suffer. What’s truly frightening about this rule is who it’s likely to affect the most. YouTube and Facebook will be fine. It’s small companies, small nonprofits, and activist groups that are at risk – the same groups that are most poorly poised to fight copyright infringement suits.” –Source

Without doing a bit more research into this, (as I plan to do) I don’t see how “the little guys will suffer” much unless they’re already breaking copyright law. And those “little guys” I assume are ministries like mine as well as blogs and forums run by people with somewhat of a following. The only way I see the little guys being hurt is if they don’t place the source of every quote they offer on their sites, or if they actually make money with those quotes. I praise the Lord many years ago He revealed to me that I must share the legit source to every quote I offer and or posted on Usenet when exposing the Roman Catholic church for two reasons. #1, it made it impossible for the Roman Catholic nay sayers on Usenet to refute the truth about their own church fathers and modern day prelates, and #2, the Lord knew this day would come when Rome’s attack on free speech would be realized and so I needed to make it a habit to post every source on every quote I found. 

One thing I also noticed in that Heavenly inspired revelation had to do with happened to my ministry back in 2009. I created a page on this website, which at the time was just over 5000 pages of data exposing the Antichrist in Rome. (It is now north of 12,000) Around that time I came across some very strange documentation proving the man of sin had boldly infiltrated the Seventh day Adventist church. And so I created one page titled, “The Roman SDA” page to help alert those in danger. That page caused more than one SDA minister to come against my ministry in a graphic manner. They threatened to sue me if I didn’t pull that page and one even tried to get me jailed for “copyright infringement.” But, when the SDA lawyers got wind of all this and saw all the well sourced quotes there was nothing they can do. All my ducks were in a row. The habit the Lord moved me to get used to doing decades ago prevented them from jailing or suing me. Not long after I created because I now had rock hard firsthand evidence the SDA church was in bed with Rome. So, after I got the site done, (in march of 2009) I moved the “SDA Roman Page” to that site.

Still… I am sure the newly worded copyright laws will cause problems for many “little guys” in the coming days. And I am also sure Rome will eventually figure out a way to shut down all my websites because of the truth I share cannot be refuted for two reasons. #1, I didn’t write the Bible that prophesies about Antichrist. #2, I didn’t write the history books that document all the Vatican’s wicked actions confirming the prophecies of the Antichrist have been fulfilled by the Popes of the Roman Catholic church. In fact, THAT is why they are targeting free speech worldwide as we speak. They know the truth we preach exposes them and slows their forward progress and seeing how their dying god Satan knows his time is short, they are all being moved by the exact same demons that moved the Pharisees of old to declare by “Saying, Did not we straitly command you that ye should not teach in this name? and, behold, ye have filled Jerusalem with your doctrine, and intend to bring this man’s blood upon us.” (Acts 5:28) And so like the Apostles of old, the obedient Christians of today will declare, “We ought to obey God rather than men.” -Acts 5:29.

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