Israel-600x300“A Jewish Orthodox scholar is proposing an Old Testament ceremony, the redemption of the firstborn, to return Jesus of Nazareth to the Jewish fold and then hold a retrial at which he could be acquitted. The first trial, two millennia ago, resulted in Jesus’ condemnation by the high priests for blasphemy, his crucifixion by the Roman conquerors and his resurrection through which Christians worldwide believe they can receive salvation and life eternal. The Jewish authorities, however, have been libeled ever since as “Christ-killers” and more. …Alloro’s argument is that the retrial of Jesus is necessary because the original trial before the high priest in the middle of the night was illegal.” –Source
First and foremost, the Jews were not “libeled” as Christ killers. Their leaders did in fact fabricate a case against Him and used the Roman authorities to kill Him because they could not kill Him themselves. Still, all that was prophesied and Jesus was supposed to die for the sins of men including this illegal trial and the sin of murder by the Jews. And yes, even the lie of this so called “Rabbi” can be forgiven if in fact the man proclaiming it repents and accept Jesus as Saviour.  
But as is obvious in the article, this self-ordained “Rabbi” is not seeking to declare Jesus is the prophesied Messiah at all. He is however seeking to soften the tumultuous relations between the Christians and the Jews that have been painfully obvious to all for the last 2000 years. But me thinks there is a more sinister reason for his actions. After all, denying Jesus as Messiah is a major foot in the door for Satan to gain entry as all he needs is a small glimmer of permission to do so. In fact, this Rabbi wannabe more or less lets the cat out of the bag on his own website which this article quotes from wherein he stated online for all to see that he believes “If you are a Christian from any denomination, a Hebraic Roots follower or a believer in Yeshua, you will find amazing resources here… Are you looking for a gateway to connect your faith with the genuine roots? You are at the right place! …hopefully soon, we will turn it into a proper educational center in the near future.”
As true Christians we have no roots in what historic Judaism claims as truth at all. In fact Jesus said 2000 years ago to “…take heed and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and of the Sadducees.” (Matthew 16:6) What this so called Rabbi hopes to do is what most Christian denominations have allowed them to do for 2 eons. What I mean is, because they claim to be Jews, most believe they hold the oracles of truth and as the sermon on the mount as well as every utterance declared by our Saviour Jesus Christ as He walked among us 2000 years ago confirms they no longer do. But the people do ignore the obvious and believe the “genuine roots” of their faith is in what a fake Rabbi who denies Jesus is Lord is worthy of consideration to the point that he hopes to soon build into a “proper educational center in the near future” so as to garner more souls into Satan’s trophy case.
How dangerous is it to allow such an “educational center” to be built? Take the false claim to this day that Jesus broke the Sabbath by every denomination today simply because the apostate Pharisees claimed as much when they came upon Him and the apostles picking wheat and eating it on Sabbath day. (See Matthew 12) Not only were those Pharisees lying about Jesus and the apostles breaking the Sabbath, the Bible actually records how Jesus corrected the lying Pharisees and proved they were in error by claiming He broke Sabbath. But none of the denominations out there that claim the Jews are still the “chosen people” read or even consider that powerful section of the Scripture. All they see is a Pharisee declaring Jesus broke the Sabbath and they run with it.
That all being said… imagine how much spiritual poison will be offered up along with the so called “genuine roots” of doctrine if this counterfeit Rabbi’s “retrial” of Jesus goes viral? I mean what better way to start a back and forth between Christians and Jews that can blossom into a global group hug where all peoples can come together to sing kumbaya? Or as the obvious dictates since the Jews have already signed on to the Vatican Sabbath of Sunday further confirming what bed they lay in; why not use the Jews to garner an ecumenical meeting of the minds in the proclaimed Holy Land so as to better set the stage for the Antichrist who the Jews (and most Christians) will embrace as Messiah seeing how he doesn’t come in the heavenly Father’s name as prophesied?
Jesus prophesied Antichrist will come in his own name in John 5:43 when He said, “I am come in my Father’s name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.” And years ago before I started to compile research as a preteen I saw with my very own eyes on a TV News report and heard with my very own ears a Jewish Rabbi (a real one) speaking to a reporter who was reporting on the 6 day war that just ended in June of 1967. The reporter asked him how the Jews handle always being at war and the Rabbi literally said “we will follow Antichrist himself if he were to offer us peace.” And as of February 23, 2013 that statement was forever etched in stone as a fulfilled prophesied fact when the Jews agreed to keep the Sunday Sabbath of the man of sin in Rome that every denominational leader on earth has declared to be “Antichrist” in writing. 
Won’t be long now.. are you ready? ARE YOU SURE?

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