GettyImages-860296754-640x480Ever wonder why when political officials or Hollywood celebrities with a political voice visit war torn areas of the world yet they never seem to be molested by the ones they keep claiming are our enemies? They are never prevented from going, never harassed while there or even injured in any way in what they claim is a literal war zone? Check this article outTrudeau who is actually a Roman Catholic was caught vacationing on the private island of an Islamic leader!

Now, even if you’re not a student of prophecy and only skimmed over the prophecies of the Bible out of curiosity one day and found how all the world will wonder after the beast and do his bidding in the end; then even you can see now as it was prophesied long ago that the leaders of the nations in these last days are all going to be working together for the same demonic cause of their political god in Rome that the Bible defines as the man of sin. Hence the reason they all bow to him in worship on camera. Trudeau had no fear going to a terrorist owned private island because they are partners in the same crime. And thanks to the Pope’s work with Islam, they are also partners in the same church. 

And yes, this is also why all the churches that have joined with this same man of sin in Rome are right now pushing Islam by declaring Allah is God. One can only imagine how long it will be before Shariah law is sanctioned by the apostate leaders of the Christian churches. After all, American courts have been legalizing it for years

Truth be told, being under their 501c3 contract with the second beast of Revelation, which all students of prophecy know is the USA, these government approved pastors have no choice but to do as there are told. And because of Jesuit infiltration, most will do so for mother Rome as their oath confirms. Basic reality is, if the 501c3 pastors who are not Jesuit implants and are merely bowing to Rome out of fear refuse to do as their elected leader says to do, as per their own contract they can lose their precious tax free status wherein they make a ton of money each year at tax time. And as is so obvious, none of them will jeopardize their green goddess of cash. These preachers of filthy lucre will do just as they were prophesied to do.

And so like Trudeau who sees no problem with hanging with Islam, the wolves in sheep’s clothing will also stand with Islam.

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