DragTotsvideo“Yogi Bear, the Road Runner, Yosemite Sam? Apparently just not cutting it for cartoons these days. Set to debut June 28 is an animated show about “toddler drag queens” called “Drag Tots!” features voicing  from “famous drag queens,” including RuPaul. Then there’s the Netflix cartoon “Super Drags.” –Source

Is this not expected? Yes it was. And students of prophecy have been warning people for years on this. But because it comes in so stealthily and slowly via the Vatican’s long prophesied agenda, all those that ignored the warnings from years ago can’t see how it has come to such a festering boil today. Christian prophecy that is based on true Biblical definition is no fly-by-night dime store psychic news network that fails over 90% of the time. Christian prophecy is 100% accurate from start to finish and it never changes. 

Just as Jesus Christ declared long ago in Luke 17:26-30, global acceptance of homosexuality in both society and in the church will be the final reason the world will finally come to an end; but this time by fire. Just as we saw in Noah’s day, directly before the decision was made to end all life on earth with a flood, homosexual marriage and all that perversion entails was embraced everywhere in society. And yes, that is why the homosexuals today wave the rainbow flag. It’s a mockery to the reference of the rainbow that appeared in the clouds after the Lord destroyed the world by that flood.

Now that the media, the churches, the schools and the governments of the world are doing the same thing they did in Noah and Lot’s day with homosexuality, the long prophesied homosexual agenda of the Vatican will finally do as prophecy predicted it would do in ending all life on earth. But before the smoke of the Vatican’s burning rises up, (See Revelation 18:9) Satan will appear as Jesus Christ to stand in unison with the Pope regarding their Pagan holy day of Sunday so as to make billions believe the Vatican is not the vat of sin it was prophesied to be and then the mark of that awful beast will be enforced worldwide. It is then the plagues will begin for it was also prophesied in Psalms 119:126 that at this point “It is time for thee, LORD, to work: for they have made void thy law.”

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